Mixed Paper – What Type Of Paper You Shouldn’t Recycle?

Mixed Paper causes the most confusion. Often many items don’t get recycled as people don’t realize many common items can go in with Mixed Paper.

NO Things to NOT Recycle with Mixed Paper

Dog, Cat, etc, food bags
Drink Boxes, Wax paper, Wax coated boxes (Chinese take out for example)
Milk Boxes, Carbon Copy paper, hardback books
Spiral Bound Notebooks (without wire removed)
Tissue Paper, Paper Towels
Any Soiled Paper – Oil stained Pizza Boxes for example

YES Things to Recycle

Office paper, Glossy paper
Post It Notes
Cereal Boxes
Paper Egg Cartons
Catalogs (junk mail)
Phone Books
Soda & Beer Cartons
Junk Mail (address windows are accepted)

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