Is Tissue Paper Recyclable? 9 Ways You Can Reuse It

Most communities are still developing a recycling system and many materials still aren’t recyclable. Every community has a different recycling policy. Hope is that society will enable the reuse of all materials and we’ll not have to waste resources. So, is tissue paper recyclable?

In most communities tissue paper is not recyclable, because of its very low-grade paper structure. However, there are some exceptions. To be sure, the best is to check the policy with your recycling agency. Essentially, tissue paper can be reused or composted. 

After reading this article you’ll have a better understanding of this topic. We’ll write about tissue paper recycling and decomposition. You’ll learn more about the reuse of tissue paper. Also, we’ll answer FAQs and leave space for your comments and questions.

Is tissue paper recyclable or compostable?

Is tissue paper recyclable or compostable

There are local authorities that will accept tissue paper for recycling. But most often they will not accept it because some recycled paper mills will not take this type of paper for processing.

There are several reasons why some paper mills will not accept tissue paper for recycling. These 5 facts will help you to understand is tissue paper recyclable or not.

Tissue paper is often very thin and doesn’t have a lot of good quality fibers. As such, it is prone to decay.

This type of paper is usually laminated and dyed. Most of them contain non–paper additives, like glitter, which cannot be recycled.

Tissue paper can be used for purpose of composting. You can try it home, just make sure the paper doesn’t have glitter or other pieces which will not decompose

You can use tissue paper more than once for wrapping gifts instead of traditional wrapping paper.

Tissue paper can be recycled only if it passes the scrunch test. Simple tissue paper can be recycled but decorated tissue paper cannot and needs to go into general waste.

Those are just some of the facts and suggestions which can help you to have a better understanding of recycling tissue paper. We’ll cover this topic in more detail below.

How can you recycle tissue paper?

Before you start recycling tissue paper you need to clear up which paper is recyclable and which is not. There are a few ways how you can solve that.

In case your tissue paper is having glossy, reflective material probably it’s not recyclable and it will end up in a landfill.

The reason is a plastic film coated with aluminum that this kind of tissue paper contains.

Some tissue papers don’t have enough paper fibers and paper mills will not accept them for recycling.

In case you have paper coated with plastic or laminated paper those are most likely unrecyclable.

We need to have in mind that different counties have different requirements for every material, so a quick check-up before recycling would be a good decision.

Most of them consider paper tissue good to be composted. Only, the paper must be free from metal or plastic. Tissue papers containing other materials can’t be recycled nor composted.

As for wrapping paper, even for colored ones, recycling is an option.

There is a trick for discovering which paper is recyclable and which isn’t. It’s been called Scrunch Test.  As a matter of fact, it’s a simple rule of thumb, it can help you to resolve can you recycle tissue paper.

If you can crumple up tissue paper, that one can be recycled. But in case that paper resists your scrunching, that means it’s a bad candidate for recycling.

Is colored tissue paper recyclable?

If you’re struggling with a decision is colored tissue paper recyclable, you can apply the same rule as for regular tissue paper.

Scrunch tests can be helpful here as well. Crumple the paper and decide if colored tissue paper is recyclable or not.

Can you recycle used tissues?

Can you recycle used tissues

Paper tissues that we’ve used cannot be recycled, that’s almost always the case. Used napkins, paper plates, towels, tissues, and other used paper products are not good products for recycling.

The main reason is their contact with food, body fluids, grease, and dirt. During the recycling process, those paper products cannot be cleaned and definitely, they would spoil other clean paper.

The best thing to do with used tissue paper is to throw it in the garbage. As we already wrote it’s a rarity even for unused tissue paper products to be recycled. Try to re-use those products on your own.

You can conclude that mainly we have the negative answer to the question can you recycle used tissues.

Can you put tissue paper in the recycling bin?

If you’re a person who is caring about nature and recycling you’re probably wondering can you put tissue paper in the recycling bin. In most counties, you can do that.

Usually, tissues that can’t be recycled should go to the garbage bin. Some of those tissue papers can be composed later as biodegradable.

Is tissue paper biodegradable?

When you’re in a supermarket and choosing paper products reach for materials that are recyclable and good for the environment.

By choosing materials that can be reused you will be contributing to the protection of our environment.

In most cases tissue paper is biodegradable. It’s compostable and can be good for your compost pile because it will soak up any water and keep it from being smelly.

Anyhow, the answer to the question is whether tissue paper is biodegradable is negative in case tissue paper has plastic tapes or glitter attached.

How to reuse tissue paper?

How to reuse tissue paper

The best way to reduce waste is to reuse tissue paper as often as you can. Some types of tissue paper cannot be recycled but you can find their purpose anyway.

On the list below you can find great ideas on how to reuse tissue paper. Some of them are very easy to do and can bring you a new hobby and a new source of satisfaction.

Check out what you can make from tissue paper:

  • Tissue paper picture frame
  • Mini tissue paper flowers
  • Tissue paper garland
  • Glowing Cherry Blossom Branch
  • Custom glass plates
  • Tissue Paper Rose Pomander Pinata
  • Framed Tissue Paper Wall Art
  • Decoupage furniture
  • Tissue paper flower bouquet

Those are just some of the ways for tissue paper reuse. On the internet, you can find even more of them. Whichever idea you choose you’ll give a new life to tissue paper and reduce the waste of material.

Frequently asked questions

Probably you have some questions on this topic. Before you write us, check out our FAQs section. Maybe you can find the answer to your question, listed below.

Is Kleenex recyclable?

Fibers in facial tissues, like toilet paper, tissue paper, and paper towels are not of good quality, so it’s impossible to make a new paper product of them. Those materials are not accepted in most recycling programs. It’s best to dispose of them in the garbage.

Should you recycle tissue paper?

Recycle everything you can. If tissue paper is recyclable you can either recycle or compose it.

Can you recycle gift bags?

Yes, you can. You can use them over and over again. That way you’ll be saving money and paper. In case recycle bag is made only from the paper you can also put them in recycling bins.


Through this article we got an answer to a question is tissue paper recyclable. We learned how to differentiate which tissue paper we can compost and which we cannot. You got some ideas on how to reuse tissue paper.

Even though we gave answers to some questions if you have more, please don’t hesitate to write us, we’ll gladly help you.

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