Does Best Buy recycle electronics? Complete List Of Accepted Items

Looking for a place to recycle your electronics? Most of us have that old computer or cell phone lying around taking up space, but what we don’t know is where to take them. Does Best Buy recycle electronics?

Yes, Best Buy recycles electronics. They have a policy that you can recycle up to three items per household per day. There are some limitations, including state-specific ones and limitations on computer monitors, laptops, and TVs. Best Buy has collected more than 2 billion pounds of electronic waste and appliances, which makes it the most prominent collector of electronic waste.

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Does Best Buy recycle electronics? What you need to know

Does best buy recycle electronics or not

Best Buy is a great place to get electronics and appliances, but what happens when you’re done with them? Does Best Buy recycle electronics?

Best Buy’s recycling program is one of the best in the business. The company will take back any e-waste or appliances, regardless of where or when you purchased them.

If you want to recycle your old phone or tablet, Best Buy has a trade-in program that lets you get a gift card for a new device.

Just bring your old items back to one of their stores, and they’ll give you an in-store credit or gift card.

You can also ship items that are too big or heavy to carry in person.

Best Buy offers a recycling program for computers, monitors, printers, and other electronic devices.

The company’s site lists the locations of drop-off centers where you can recycle your electronics.

Unfortunately, this program has its limitations. The first problem with the Best Buy recycling program is that it only accepts certain items for free or at all.

The retailer’s website lists the following items that they will accept: e. g. computers (laptops and desktops), tablets and e-readers, wearable technology, and mobile phones.

But they do not accept certain items, such as air conditioners, mini-fridges, coffee machines, heaters, and food processors.

Check with your local Best Buy for any limitations.

What recyclables does Best Buy accept?

Best Buy is a national electronics and appliance retailer that offers a variety of electronic recycling options.

If you’ve got an old computer, phone, or another electronic device that you’d like to get rid of, Best Buy will gladly take it off your hands.

Best Buy accepts a number of items for recycling, including some that you might not think of as being recyclable.

Best Buy accepts a variety of consumer electronics, including laptops and desktop computers, monitors, and televisions.

In addition to accepting consumer electronics at store locations, Best Buy offers a recycling program through its website that allows consumers to ship their old technology directly to the retailer.

What recyclables does Best Buy accept?

What recyclables does Best Buy accept

Best Buy accepts some recyclable products. The company will accept most electronic waste (e-waste), including televisions, monitors, computers, and printers. Best Buy also accepts cell phones and other small electronics.

Best Buy accepts a wide range of recyclable items. However, there are some items that they don’t accept. If you’re unsure if an item is recyclable or not, check the company website.

Below is a list of some of the most popular electronics that Best Buy accepts in their recycling for free.

TV and videoComputers and tabletsCell phones and radiosAppliances
– Appliances
– Battery backups
– Cables and connectors
– DirecTV set-top boxes
– DVD & Blu-ray players
– Headphones
– In-dash DVD
– Internet TV set-top boxes
– Portable DVD
– Portable media players
– Power inverters
– Projectors
– Remotes
– TiVO
– TV antennas
– VCRs
– Wall mounts
– All-in-one computers
– Battery backups
– Cables and connectors
– CD/DVD drives
– Computer speakers & controllers
– Desktops
– Hard drives
– IN / toner cartridges
– Laptop batteries
– Laptops
– Memory
– Mice and keyboards
– Modems & routers & hubs
– Webcams
– Netbooks
– Printers & scanners & fax
– Sound & video cards
– Tablets
– E-readers
– Calculators
– Chargers
– Hands-free headsets
– Landline phones
– Mobile phones
– Recorders
– Shredders
– Two-way radios
– Wireless broadband
– Stick vacuum
– Fans
– Robot vacuums
– Upright & canister vacuums
– Cooktops
– Dishwashers
– Dryers
– Freezers
– Ice makers
– Microwaves
– Refrigerators
– Wall ovens
– Washers

What electronics can’t be thrown away?

Best Buy, the retail giant whose name is synonymous with electronic goods, has a recycling program that holds its own against any other retailer’s. However, there are some caveats.

Best Buy doesn’t recycle all used electronics. There are some appliances and electronic accessories that they do not accept in their recycling and trade-in programs.

Below is the list of the most popular electronics that Best Buy does not accept. For the full list check their website or visit your local Best Buy.

TV and videoComputers and tabletsCell phones and radiosAppliances
– Cable rooftop dishes
– CD/DVD jewel cases
– Portable DVD player bags
– Screens (inflatable)
– Screens (motorized)
– Screens (pull-down)
– Screens (wall mount)
– Speaker stands
– TV antennas greater than 3’ long
– TV stands
– Software– Cases Safes– Air conditioners
– Mini fridges
– Air purifiers
– Mixers
– Blenders and juicers
– Popcorn makers
– Bread makers
– Power washers
– Coffee & espresso machines
– Pressure cookers
– Deep fryers
– Propane grills
– Dehumidifiers
– Rice cookers
– Electric grills and griddles
– Slow cookers and crock-pots
– Electric toothbrushes
– Steam cleaners
– Electric woks
– Steamers
– Food dehydrators
– Toaster & pizza ovens
– Food processors
– Toasters & teapots
– Heaters
– Trash compactors
– Ice cream
– makers
– Waffle makers
– Meat slicers and grinders
– Wet & dry vacuums

Does Best Buy charge for recycling?

Best Buy will accept any electronic device, regardless of brand or condition. The program also makes it easy to recycle any type of electronic device, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

You must be wondering now – does Best Buy charge for recycling?

Best Buy generally does not charge for recycling. The company offers free in-store recycling for most electronics, which includes TVs, computers, and monitors.

Customers can also bring their old devices to the recycling center at any Best Buy location.

However, they do charge a fee if they pick up items from your home and even for some items you bring to their store.

For example, they do charge a recycling fee per item for tube TVs smaller than 32’, flat-panel TVs, portable TVs, and computer monitors.

For their haul-away option, they also charge a fee; this includes cooktops, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, and other bigger appliances.

What is Best Buy’s recycling fee?

So, I’ve discussed that there is a fee when recycling certain electronics. Let’s see what is Best Buy’s recycling fee.

For the electronics mentioned in the previous section, the fee is $29.99 per item when you drop it off at their store.

When it comes to their haul-away option, they charge $39.99 when you replace your appliance with one delivered by Geek Squad® or Best Buy Home Delivery. They will properly recycle your old ones.

However, if you only wish your old products to be hauled away, their Standalone Haul-Away service will remove and recycle your appliance (up to 2 large products and an unlimited number of smaller products) for $199.99.

What does Best Buy do with recycled electronics?

Best Buy’s recycling program is a comprehensive program that takes back all types of electronics, including TVs, computers, printers, phones, and tablets.

Okay, so you’ve taken your electronics to Best Buy – what does Best Buy do with recycled electronics?

The store actually works with electronics recyclers that follow the highest guidelines and standards to assure that the e-waste does not end up in landfills.

They also make sure that all hazardous materials are disposed of in accordance with recycling standards.

The electronics that are given to Best Buy are removed from the stores, consolidated, and delivered to their recycling partner.

Their recycling partner determines whether the electronics can be repaired or repurposed, otherwise, they recycle them.

Their recycling partner recovers ozone-depleting chemicals and other harmful waste from appliances and chemicals, such as mercury, used oil, refrigerants, and insulating foam, that are properly handled.

With the latest technology, their recycling partner dismantles the units – to separate metals, plastics, glass, etc. This way, these commodities can be properly recycled and repurposed into new products.

Does Best Buy wipe hard drives before recycling?

In their recycling program, Best Buy also accepts hard drives and products that contain hard drives. Does best buy wipe hard drives before recycling?

When consulting with a Geek Squad® Agent, you can request to remove the hard drive when handing in the computer to be recycled, but they do not wipe the hard drives.

I want to address here the importance of your data security – if you can, delete the data from the hard drives yourself in order to protect it from any violation.

Frequently asked questions

There are some frequently asked questions that come up with this topic, so I made the effort to answer them quickly below.

Do all Best Buy locations recycle electronics?

Yes. All Best Buy stores in the U.S. and also those in Puerto Rico recycle electronics. You can bring your old, unused, or unwanted electronics regardless of when they were purchased and no matter the condition they’re in.

Does Best Buy recycle TVs?

Yes, Best Buy recycles TVs. But, a customer is limited to recycling two TVs per day and they charge you $29.99 per item. They do accept TVs that are smaller than 32’, flat-panel TVs, and portable TVs. In California, there are no store drop-off fees. In Connecticut and Pennsylvania, they do not accept them for drop-off.

Does Best Buy recycle printers?

Yes, Best Buy recycles printers at any location and they are recycled for free. You can check if you can trade in your old printer for a newer one to save some money.

Does Best Buy recycle computers?

Yes, Best Buy recycles computers – at all locations! This includes tablets, desktop computers, netbooks, all-in-one computers, and laptops. You can recycle monitors for $29.99 per item.


Best Buy is one of the largest electronics retailers in the world. It offers a range of products from computers and appliances to televisions and mobile phones.

Does Best Buy recycle electronics?

Best Buy also offers recycling services for customers who want to get rid of their old electronics. This includes computers, printers, monitors, ink cartridges, and even cell phones!

If you have a question on this topic, you can leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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