Free Exchange & Advertising

There are a lot of places where your old items that you would otherwise dispose of can be advertised to people who may want it for any reason.

Remember that your junky old bicycle can be a mode of transportation to someone trying to get on their feet. Or your old lawn mower can be a weekend project to a mechanic tinkerer. Or ...

We've put together a list of active sites you can visit to give away (or even sell!) your old items, as well as look for things you may want. These sites don't charge you anything to post your items, or contact those who have posted.

Craigs List - Has a wonderful "For Sale" section where you can list items for free or for money.

Asheville LETS - A community network in which members can exchange goods and services without currency. Each member is given an account and transactions are recorded as credits or debits, eliminating the need for direct trades or money.

Asheville Freecycle - A Yahoo! Group of Asheville area residents trying to give away things they don't need.

There are a number of different websites out there, but these are the most active and likely to generate responses.